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Green Tea Product Line

We all know sun is the enemy to beautiful skin, but what can Green Tea do to combat that enemy? The answer is antioxidants. Green Tea is rich in powerful antioxidants that have several medicinal properties. The antioxidants in Green Tea are called polyphenols and are harvested from the Camellia sinensis leaf. Studies have demonstrated these Green Tea polyphenols have the ability to repair DNA damage caused by the sun as well as decrease inflammation and redness.

What else can Green Tea do to keep your skin beautiful? It contains caffeine which has also been found to have powerful antioxidant properties. Green Tea polyphenols as well as caffeine have been shown to decrease skin cancers in animal studies.

What should you look for in a Green Tea product? The concentration of Green Tea polyphenols is important. Studies show biologic activity starting at concentrations of 50%.  The product you buy should contain at least that percentage. The product should have a brown tint, like tea. In this line the concentration of Green Tea polyphenols is 90%.



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