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Dysport is botulinum toxin, type A, just like BOTOX. It works to soften lines and wrinkles in the same way BOTOX does. It lasts as long as BOTOX, needing touch-ups every 3-4 months. In my hands I feel it has some advantages. It spreads more than BOTOX therefore treating more wrinkles in one area. I particularly like this product for treatment of the crow’s feet and the glabella (the lines between the eyebrows or the “11’s”). Another clear advantage is lower cost. In an effort to compete with BOTOX, the price of Dysport is lower and that savings is passed on to the patient in my practice. I have been using this product since January 2010 and it has become the most requested cosmetic treatment in my office. I have used Dysport in several areas of my own face as well as hundreds of patients and I am thrilled with the results. Please call (404) 835-3052 to learn how Dysport can make you look your best!


Dysport found to be clear winner over Botox in recent split face patient study

“Photographic evidence also pointed to a striking difference between the treated sides of each patient’s face,” the authors wrote. On the day-30 assessment, each patient was asked which side of the face had a better result. The authors found “patients unequivocally preferred the Dysport-treated side,” 67% versus 33% for the Botox-treated side (P=0.002).
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Dysport or BOTOX™ for excessive sweating

Dysport or BOTOX™ can be used for excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) under the arms or hands. Imagine no more embarrassing sweat rings under the arms, no more ruining expensive shirts & dresses. And if you have a problem with sweaty palms, imagine the freedom of shaking someone’s hand without having to wipe it on your pants first. Dysport or BOTOX™ can be life altering for patients with excessive sweating. The cost starts at $800 for both underarms or one hand and the effect lasts about 10 months. We can talk to you further about the use of Dysport or BOTOX™ for hyperhidrosis. Please call (404) 835-3052 for an appointment. We do not accept insurance assignment for hyperhidrosis treatments.


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