Dysport vs BOTOX

Dysport Special Offer

Dysport lasts longer than Botox
Dysport is stronger than Botox
Dysport is more affordable than Botox
Dysport produces beautiful, natural results!
Many patients only need 2 treatments a year!

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Real Results!

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Before and after: Dysport to Crow's Feet and forhead, Restylane Lyft to the under eye area.

Before and After: Dysport to Crow’s Feet, Restylane Lyft to the under eye area.

Before and after Dysport for the “11’s” or glabellar lines and forehead

Dysport for the “11’s” or glabellar lines and forehead

Dysport for the forehead

Dysport for the forehead

Dysport for the forehead

Dysport for the forehead

Dysport for the “gummy smile”

Dysport for the “gummy smile”

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Botox and Dysport are botulinum toxins that work to soften lines and wrinkles. They both produce beautiful, natural results when done by a trained injector.

Dysport has advantages of being stronger, lasting longer and costs less than Botox. For these reasons, it has become the #1 injectable toxin in our office.

Dysport found to be clear winner over Botox in recent split face patient study

Studies have found Dysport lasts longer than BOTOX, and many patients are only needing 2 treatments a year! We have used Dysport since 2010 and it is the most commonly requested cosmetic procedure at Babcock Dermatology with a 98% satisfaction rate!

“Photographic evidence also pointed to a striking difference between the treated sides of each patient’s face,” the authors wrote. On the day-30 assessment, each patient was asked which side of the face had a better result. The authors found “patients unequivocally preferred the Dysport-treated side,” 67% versus 33% for the Botox-treated side (P=0.002).

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Dysport reviews at Babcock Dermatology

Amanda is the best. I get dysport with her and she’s always so sweet and takes her time. My face never looked better!

Dr. Babcock has a great eye for aesthetics along with being a top notch physician. Very happy with results both short term and long term. Highly recommended
– Linda Finley via Google

Highly recommend Dr Babcock for all things skin related. I get my yearly skin checks with her as well as use her product line and see her for dysport injections. She is always very professional and friendly!
– Amelia Ostenson via Google

I continue to use Babcock Dermatology for Dysport, and continue to be happy! The staff is friendly and professional, and I’m always happy with my results.
Amanda Coker via Google

Got my dysport & restylane today 🙂 beautiful results
Jada Cream via Google

Dr Babcock is very professional and knowledgeable, recommended Dysport and the results were great
– Mayra M via Google

Dr. Babcock was very professional and helpful. Dysport was an option I was unaware of until she brought it to my attention and it offers perhaps even better results. Thank you!
– Steve Sommers via Google

I have been going to Dr Babcock for years and have been so happy. Her attention to detail is amazing and I trust her to take care of all of my needs, including dysport.
– Melissa via Google

Dysport for Hyperhidrosis or Excessive Sweating

Dysport or BOTOX™ can be used for excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) in the arm pit or hands. Imagine no more embarrassing sweat rings under the arms, no more ruining expensive shirts & dresses. And if you have a problem with sweaty palms, imagine the freedom of shaking someone’s hand without having to wipe it on your pants first. Dysport or BOTOX™ can be life altering for patients with excessive sweating. The cost $850 for both armpits or one hand and the effect lasts about 10 months. We can talk to you further about the use of Dysport or BOTOX™ for hyperhidrosis. Please call (404) 835-3052 for an appointment. Sorry, we do not accept insurance for hyperhidrosis treatments.


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