Welcome to Babcock Dermatology’s web based appointment system (telemedicine).

We are excited to offer web based appointments where we can evaluate skin conditions, prescribe medications and treat you without the need to come to the office! To get started you simply fill out the questionnaire, upload photos and receive a call or email within 48 hours of your request. All of your information is captured and transferred encrypted to protect your privacy.

Does Insurance pay for this visit?

We accept most insurance plans but to be safe, you should always check first with your insurance to make sure we are in network. While is it uncommon, insurance companies can remove physicians without our knowledge. So we advise all patients to check directly with their insurance before assuming any provider is in network.
We would like to try to explain how medical insurance works and what you can expect from an office visit. When you see a provider at Babcock Dermatology, your medical insurance is billed for the office visit and for any procedures you have during the visit. Your insurance then pays the practice a negotiated rate for the services. If you have a deductible or co-insurance, then you are responsible for the charges. For most plans, once the deductible is met for the year then the charges are covered by the insurance company.

In dermatology these are some of the common procedures performed. Below are CPT codes that you can use to determine costs by calling your insurance company and asking them their negotiated rate.


If you have a procedure during the office visit, these charges would be additional.

Treatment of warts with liquid nitrogen CPT 17110 (charged at each office visit)


Treatment of molluscum with cantharone topical liquid CPT 17110 (charged at each office visit)


Treatment of pre-cancers with liquid nitrogen CPT 17000 and 17110


Treatment of seborrheic keratosis with liquid nitrogen (barnacles. Must be medically necessary) CPT 17110


Incision and Drainage of Cyst CPT 10060


Steroid injection (ex: acne, psoriasis, rashes, alopecia areata) CPT 11900


Skin Tag Removal (must be medically necessary) CPT 11200


Acne surgery CPT 10040


Shave biopsy CPT 11100 plus additional path fee (billed from path lab)


Mole removal via punch tool on trunk, arms or legs CPT 11401 plus path fee (billed from path lab)


Mole removal via punch tool on other locations-CPT provided on request


Excisions of benign & cancerous growths vary greatly depending on size of tumor and location on body. Please ask us for codes based on your specific condition.
Sometimes it is difficult to predict which of the above services you will need during your office visit. If you would like to contact your insurance company first to determine what you might owe, we will be happy to provide you the codes at the time of your office visit and schedule a follow-up visit for the procedures.


Laboratory Services

We always try to send blood work and biopsy specimens to in-network providers but ultimately it is your responsibility to notify us of which lab is in-network. Bills from the lab for their services are sent directly from them as we are separate entities. If you have questions about their billing statement, then you need to contact the lab directly. Since we are a separate business we do not have the ability to work with your lab account.


If you have no insurance, then you are responsible to pay your charges. We are happy to share our self-pay rates on request.


What are cosmetic charges and can they be billed to my insurance Company?

Cosmetic charges are for services that are deemed not medically necessary. Examples of these services are removal of benign growths (moles, skin tags etc), Botox or Dysport treatments, injections for underarm sweating, filler treatments with Juvederm or Restylane, PRP treatments for hair regrowth, products sold in the office, etc. These services are never billed to the insurance company and payment is expected at the time of service. If a service is cosmetic we provide patients with a written consent form clearly stating the services to be performed and the cost before any cosmetic services are provided.


If you are scheduled for a cosmetic appointment and have medical questions such as a lesion on your body, rashes, hair loss, acne etc., if time permits, we can address those medical questions. Those medical charges will be billed to your insurance. If you are self-pay then you are responsible for the medical charges as well.

What conditions can we treat?

Telemedicine is a great way to evaluate many common dermatologic conditions such as acne, psoriasis, rashes, unusual growths, hair loss, etc. Sometimes further testing will be needed such as a biopsy or lab work and in that case you will need to come to the office. Please understand that we only accept one problem or diagnosis per Telemedicine visit. For example, if you have acne and a suspicious growth then you would need to submit two visit forms.

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