Cassie Young, from the Bert Show, discussed Babcock Dermatology on air!

Cassie Young, from the Bert Show, discussed Babcock Dermatology on air!

We were so excited to see Cassie Young in our office for a skin check. She did a great job discussing the importance of skin cancer screenings by a dermatologist to detect melanoma and skin cancer. We really appreciate her using The Bert Show platform to educate and bring awareness to this important issue.

Here are the highlights:

Cassy- I am a very pale redhead, which is important to this story, I burn pretty easily but then I tan. I am covered in freckles and moles. I noticed two of my moles changed color. These looked really scary and really different. With skin cancer you have to look our for moles that are changing color or changing shape and this happened to both of them. I see this and I freak out. It’s been in the back of my mind for years to get a mole check since I am so fair skinned and burn easily. But I had the mentality, “It’s not going to happen to me.” But I have a daughter now and stuff to live for.

I make an appointment and within 2 days I am in the office. Shout out to Dr. Babcock’s office for making this happen.

Krisitn- Yeah, because normally it takes awhile to get into a dermatologist’s office because they are so booked out in advance.

Cassy-It was fast and I am so glad I did not have to ruminate if I have skin cancer developing and growing inside me. They removed it and sent it to a lab for testing. Then I get the call from Dr. Babcock saying the results were in. And she said it was completely benign and not a big deal!

Davi- Yay!

Cassie’s final advice, “If you haven’t been checked out, go get a full body check so you can have peace of mind.”

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