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CoolSculpting Works!

Scientific studies show CoolSculpting works, CoolSculpting reviews say it works, but the best evidence is our photo gallery below to show how CoolSculpting really works and the results you can expect.

Female Abdomen

Male Abdomen

52 year old patient recently treated at Babcock Dermatology.

Results after two sessions

“I’ve always been in great shape. I’m an avid cyclist which has let me eat whatever I want for most of my life. Then I turned 50. I still cycle as hard but my body was not as cut as it once was. I could not get rid of stubborn fat unless I went on extreme diets. That’s no way to live. Dr. Babcock told me I could reduce the stubborn fat through CoolSculpting. I did two sessions one month apart and treated my stomach and flanks. I am so impressed with the results! I eat healthy without starving myself and I have my abs back. The treatments were easy. I went cyclig after each one and had no down time. I have recommended it to several friends. Having CoolSculpting at Babcock Dermatology is the way to go!”

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Female Chin

Male Chin

Female Flanks

Male Flanks

Female Saddlebags

Bra Fat


I am Dr. Babcock and this is my arm!

CoolSculpting has worked for me and I know it will work for you!

I am always investigating cutting edge treatments to add to my practice that will benefit my patients. Years ago I performed liposuction in my practice so when I heard about CoolSculpting I was intrigued. I spent a year talking to providers, interviewing patients and investigating all the body contouring procedures available. Ultimately I had the procedure done and wow! was I surprised by the results. I knew I had to offer this in my practice.  I bought not one but two CoolSculpting machines with the most advanced hand pieces and technology. Since that time we have treated multiple patients with great success.

*Results may vary from person to person.

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